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Most Expensive 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 Costs $107,080

The base model GT500 starts life at $73,995 including destination. From there, a coat of Twister Orange adds $495 and the black roof costs $695 on top of that. The shocker is the over-the-top racing stripe, which demands no less than $10,000 if you want it painted onto the car. Vinyl stripes are just a tenth of that cost at $1,000.

The next big expense is the Carbon Fiber Track Pack for $18,500. For that not insignificant sum you get the big carbon fiber wing and splitter wickers for aero improvements, the exposed carbon fiber 20-inch wheels, adjustable strut top mounts, a carbon fiber instrument panel, Recaro seats, and the sticky Michelin tires. Additionaly, what you don’t get is the rear seat, which is removed because racecar.

Moving inside, the $3,000 Technology Package gives you the banging B&O sound system, heated mirrors, navigation controlled via voice or touchscreen, and oddly enough, blind-spot monitoring with cross traffic alert. It seems such a safety system would be standard on a $74,000 Mustang, but that’s a story for another time. Beyond that, the only other price-adding option is a $395 Shelby car cover.

The Carbon Fiber Track Package and Technology Package offer just a few stand-alone options you can get should you not want either group, and the base GT500 already is well-equipped with features like the cool active exhaust system, dual-zone climate control, leather/Alcantara trim, and Ford’s Sync 3 system. So to revisit our question from earlier, are all the options worth the $107,080 Ford seeks for a fully-loaded GT500?